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fbobberts@... male from Albuquerque, NM has been miraculously keeping a false statement on the top of "Pulp Fiction-What watch?" forum ( ) for years.
What had happened to enot1 numerous diligent replies to above-mentioned fbobberts research? Specifically a comment enot1 made about 'Pulp Fiction'watch having a winding stem at 3 o'clock, not at 12 o'clock as on Elgin watch (University of North Carolina) posted by fbobberts.We want to state "once and for all" that Quentin Tarantino's prop in 'Pulp Fiction' is a LANCET (Swiss company) WWI Trench watch. Letters 'L' (first) and 'T' (last) of the word 'LANCET' around 12 o'clock became clearly visible during one of enot1 numerous empiric findings.
But after watching Chapter 12 (Captain Koon's Story) zoomed in (8X), and on slow speed (S4X) over Martin Luther King's long week-end of year 2007, Enot1 found out that Quentin Tarantino's prop in 'Pulp Fiction' is a Swiss LANCET WWI Trench watch. Letters 'L' (first) and 'T' (last) of the word 'LANCET' were visible ButchWatch1.JPG

around 12 o'clock.

Here is the video:

Now, that should have been used as a correct prop in 'Pulp Fiction'... In 1914 U.S. War Department had purchased 7 Jewel Wrist Watch Elgins for the cavalry branch of the service. Check out Elgin 7j Ad from 1914(

Here is WWI 'Elgin' watch cleaned, oiled and calibrated! And in our posession now!  


Enot1's American 1917 Elgin watch stars in 'Butch Coolidge Watch'(

How are you, Quentin?

Enot1 timepieces collection ('s%20Watches )



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Karaoke (Japanese: カラオケ, from 空 kara, "empty", and オーケストラ ōkesutora, "orchestra") is a form of entertainment where an amateur singer accompanies recorded music. The music is of a well-known song in which the voice of the original singer is absent or reduced in volume. Lyrics are usually also displayed, sometimes including color changes synchronized with the music, to help with the sing-along.

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If you are for Saturn or Mars, Venus or Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto , of course SUN!!! :), or, maybe Kuiper Belt, Charon, Ganimede or MOON!!!:),  etc, etc Derek is your guy! . Check out  NYC Sidewalk Astronomy website!


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