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RaccoonsHaveArrived - Ellis Island of our generation  6/29/07

RaccoonsHaveArrived - CURRENT_TIMESTAMP of guerilla-movie-making...  6/30/07

RaccoonsHaveArrived - modern-day Babel Tower of creativity  6/30/07

Еноты Пришли - Сплот опыта, таланта и мастерства 8/2/07

RaccoonsHaveArrived - Your anti-guide to the 'Drowner of Cares' 8/3/07

RaccoonsHaveArrived - TV-Series for Our Target Audience 08/16/07

RaccoonsHaveArrived - new Testatement of Russian Rastafarianism 08/16/07

RaccoonsHaveArrived - "A day, an hour of virtuous liberty
                                   Is worth a whole eternity in bondage" of conformist media world. 
After Joseph Addison (1672 - 1719), Cato.

Enoty Prishli - Postoyannay borba slavyanofilov s zapadnikami.

We can not promise you the world even if you give RacconsHaveArrived twenty minutes of your time. However we will bring you Laughter in just a few...

EP/RHA are The Purveyors of IT (written using Neuro-linguistic programming (or NLP) techniques).




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